15 Mar

 In the Michael Young sense, "Merit is equated with intelligence-plus-effort", which requires to be constantly recognized and rewarded for the sustenance and advancement of society.

Thus meritocracy, which is consistent with egalitarianism, has thrived for many years in both  the ancient and  modern societies as the critical driving force behind economic and social progress as well as peace and security of nations of the world.

In this connection, ACP is a value-driven project of the African Child Foundation for identifying, recognizing and rewarding Africans and friends, brands, products, individuals and organizations who put the continent first in positive light, for their demonstrated ability to innovate and invent for the social economic progress of the Continent, individuals and organizations who have proffer solution using home grown solution to solve the devastating effect of these 5Ds i.e Africa's solution to African Problems rather than begging for foreign  aid and also for the promotion of excellence in the academic system towards that end.

This African Child Prize has gradually remedied societal menace such as get rich syndrome systematically giving way to Mentorship as panacea for success, this we owe to the excellent and remarkable performances of our Laureates.

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