About Delta Role Model Awards

30 May

Leaving the success road map and giving Role Model status to 'rogues' by not setting the record straight through this medium of separating good from evil, is rather consciously or unconsciously putting the future of our society in a state of quagmire. Research carried out shows that the quickest and surest way of reducing the rate of crime and increase the reliance on hard work and honesty is by recognizing and rewarding individuals of exemplary qualities, who through hard work, passion for excellence, tenacity, doggedness, courage, resilience, and patriotism left their mark in the indelible sand of time, upholding societal values, morals and norms. Young individuals always have an imaginary picture of their future and most times these images comes as people who have succeeded in something, positively or negatively.

In other words, are militants and other unwholesome elements fast becoming role models in our society? Evil succeed where noble men and women sit and do nothing, there is no sitting on the fence, don't we all pay the price when there is a breakdown of law and order in the society? We do! When a greedy road contractor constructs road with inferior quality materials with tax payers’ money, don't children become orphans, wives become widows and men widowers, goods and properties lost? These victims could be related to us, and when they are, don’t we share in their grief? It is common for thieves, rapists and other miscreants to ensconce themselves in bad portions of the roads where all vehicles virtually come to a halt. It is saddening to note that poor road infrastructure accounts for N300bn on vehicle maintenance in Nigeria yearly.

Let us for a minute consider the pain of parents losing their children to road accidents, imagine the pain of a mother whose son is a drug addict, a robber, prostitute etc. Doesn’t drug abuse cause the society lives, diseases and crime? When our society is saturated with these social deviants, don’t we all pay the price of insecurity?.

Take Action

To salvage this, positive images need to be showcased to stimulate the minds of our teeming youths. This single mission has been the unequalled passion of The African Child Foundation (NGO non profit), partners in the Smart Delta initiative, with a view of introducing a paradigm shift to the POSITIVE IMAGE OF DELTA which showcases the true face of Delta as having some the best brains in the world, leveraging on the remarkable performances of  Deltans  and institutions like yours, who have been sources of inspiration and motivation to our youths and children who constitute 72% of our population. The Delta role models laureates are notable Persons and organizations with extra ordinary achievements derived from their determination, tenacity, doggedness, patriotism and passion for excellence in a morally decaying society where youths choose alternatives to hard work as a means of wealth acquisition.

Selection Process

The selection into the Delta ROLE Model Awards is in seven stages,Spanning 12 weeks.

Nomination Stage: Under this stage, questionnaires are sent out for members of the general public to nominate candidates of their choice for the various categories listed, for individuals /organizations, nominations is allowed for more than one category but not exceeding three.

Voting Stage: Under this stage, list of nominees and categories are published on public domain for the general public to vote via SMS short code from all major networks.

Collation Stage: This stage involves the summary of total votes cast for each category and two individual or institution with the highest votes is qualified to proceed to the final stage.

Questionnaire Stage: Under this stage questionnaire are issue to members of the general public to judge the characters, reputations and general performances of the duo which made it to the final stage.

Examining of Questionnaire: The unbiased response of the members of public at this stage are collated and administered as the tentative final result.

Interview Stage: This stage climaxes the selection stage which involves media interviews.

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