Critaria for Nomination,

30 May

Corporate Category

Organizations seeking nomination into the Delta Role Model status are, amongst others, expected to be seen as promoting a positive attitude and an unyielding desire to enhance the quality of life in the community, striving to unite our communities in collaborative efforts for her future prosperity, serving as an exemplary role model to young people in Africa, taking an effective and vigorous leadership role in the community, making significant contributions in their specific fields of endeavor and displaying exceptional character, representing their service with dignity and pride while contributing in an outstanding manner to the accomplishment of a peaceful Niger Delta.

Area of Strengths

 Leadership commitment to ethical practices

Communication of Ethical Practice

 Leadership Practices to Unify the Organization

Organizational Commitment to Ethical Human Resource Practices

Organizational Commitment to the host Community (CSR)


Inspirational Leadership

Continuous Excellence within the past two year under  review

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