08 Sep

African child foundation International, is set to honour Africans  who have played extra ordinary roles in the society through its  Prize/ Award, as part of it commitment to create values among young ones in a morally decaying society.

According to the West African director of  the foundation,  Prince Donaldson Onosakponome, the Prestigious African Child Prize (ACP), the Nigerian Role Model Awards (NRMA) and the African Integrity Prize (AIP) which were delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic , will now hold on 22nd of October  in compliance with the Covid-19 Protocol, at various times same date at the prestigious Lagos Oriental Hotels in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. The event would also be used to educate the philosophy behind the project and also inculcate to people the core values of excellence, innovations and inventions which are the driving force behind continues economic progress in the society.

He stated that nomination and voting process have raised noble men and women who would be given special recognition on their contributions to the development of the continent.

“the Prize/Awards is a value-driven project of the African Child Foundation International for identifying, recognizing and rewarding citizens and friends, brands, products, individuals and organizations who put Africa first, for their demonstrated ability to innovate and invent for the social economic progress of the continent, and also for the promotion of excellence in the academic world ” adding a new category for health workers who have risk their lives in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic he said.

Onosakponome added that positive images of hard work in earning wealth need to be showcased to stimulate the minds of teeming youths. This mission he said has been the unequalled passion of The African Child Foundation International

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