NGO to nominate Obasanjo for Nobel Peace Prize

13 Mar

The foundation, led by the Country Director, Mr. Donaldson Onosakponome stated that before Obasanjo’s administration, Nigeria’s GDP growth had been slow since 1987, and only managed three per cent between 1999/2000.Obasanjo His words: “Under Obasanjo the growth rate doubled to six per cent until he left office. Nigeria’s foreign reserves rose from $2 billion in 1999 to $43 billion on leaving office in 2007. He was able to secure debt pardons from the Paris and London clubs“During his tenure, he was able to check youth restiveness as well as militant activities in the Niger Delta, and not forgetting his role in the enthronement of democracy in various African countries and more recently, his peace initiative in Burkina Faso,Guinea Bissau and South Africa” We should be modest to say that Baba is one of the greatest leaders in Africa. We must all be proud to have him on this continent.”

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