Our Mandate

Our Mandate

To achieve concrete and sustainable contribution to national and international efforts to create a protective environment for children against all harm and to protect their rights to survival, development and well being as established under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, international treaties/framework and UN intergovernmental bodies, while using African solution in solving Africa's problems.

The African Continent over the years has earned such negative reputation on global platform as continent with the 5D For too long, the western media has portrayed Africa as the dark continent of the 5D’s: Disease, Despair, Destruction, Disaster and Destitution.

 How can Africa actively engage itself in the world stage when it is continually portrayed by the west as the helpless and hapless continent ravaged by these 5D’s?

Africa Child Foundation has been created as a response to these questions. The foundation is creating a platform as a beacon of hope to effect change in Africa through the harnessing of resources for human investment and role modelling to reshape the young Africans Mindsets

We intend to put Africa back on the world map and portray a different side of Africa - an

Africa where we can take charge of our future by addressing the devastating effect of these 5D’s through home- grown human investment initiatives;  an Africa where we no longer wait for others to solve our problems.

 It is time to show the world what we have known for a long time - that Africa does have the resources and the know how to address our unique humanitarian issues in a unique and African way. We at the Africa Child Foundation are Inspired to change our continent through effective human investment initiatives known as "African do" , meaning Africa Can.